To protect information: Dialog Enterprise corporate messenger will be installed in data centers of companies

The STC group of companies, a member of the Sberbank ecosystem, has become a key supplier of the secure Russian corporate messenger Dialog Enterprise in the large business segment. Within the framework of cooperation, the partners offer the installation of the messenger software in the customer’s own data centers. This was reported to by a representative of the RTC Group.

“Employees of many companies exchange confidential working information in public messengers and social networks, which are located abroad,” – noted in the GC RTC.

They also explained that with a client-based installation, the Dialog Enterprise solution will enable companies to better protect confidential information and increase control over internal data.

In addition to promoting and selling the messenger, the MDG group intends to develop the service as a key component of a single digital workplace. According to Dmitry Dyrmovsky, general director of the CRT group, for this at the moment the product is integrated with solutions for logging and speech processing.

In addition, in the future, a set of built-in AI assistants will appear in the messenger, among the functions of which:

translation of audio messages into text,
reading messages in a synthesized voice,
connection of intelligent assistant bots for remote solution of formal issues,
integration with video conferencing systems and meeting recording tools.
The messenger can be used both on a PC and on a mobile device. According to the data provided, today Dialog Enterprise users are representatives of medium and large businesses in Russia, including Sberbank.

The developer of the messenger is the Dialog company, which is also part of the Sberbank ecosystem.

The STC group of companies is a manufacturer of products and solutions based on intelligent speech technologies and face recognition technologies. The company develops services based on AI and machine learning. All MDG solutions are included in the register of domestic software of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications.

Dialogue brings together specialists in the development of communication platforms, information security and artificial intelligence. Today the company implements projects in the public sector, the fuel and energy complex, the logistics industry, fintech and the defense industry.