How to start promoting a telegram channel? Choose the right topic

Where to begin? Start by choosing a channel theme and eset internet security key. The promotion strategy will depend on the topic in the future. Let’s look at some possible topics:

1 Humor. One of the most requested topics. Each user enters social networks to relax and have fun. You can create a character and tell people about it using funny, relevant jokes. If you do not want to bother, then, as an option, choose a victim for yourself, for example, a cat, and start telling everything that he does, tells you, etc. Naturally, making fun of him. You can just publish relevant jokes and anecdotes.

2 News. Everyone is already quite bored with the uninteresting statement of facts, news from

television channels. Therefore, telegram news channels are popular. Why? Yes, because it is thanks to these channels that we can hear an objective (or subjective) point of view from an ordinary layman who leads this channel. This is what telegram news channels are valued for. In addition, here you can often find news that has not passed through the censorship filter.

3 Music. It’s no secret that music has become an integral part of life. Therefore, when running such a channel, you should make playlists for all occasions, talk about the latest news from the world of music, publish music news (fortunately, the functionality allows). It would be nice to concentrate on one particular genre of music. All this will lead your channel to popularity and will be in demand.

4 Narrow specialization. Another good option is to choose some highly specialized topic and concentrate on it. For example, service marketing. Or freelancing. Or writing sales texts. The main thing is to make sure that your potential audience is in Telegram. Just think soberly – if you are going to write about growing seedlings, then the telegram channel is unlikely to suit you. If your topic is the tricks of working in Photoshop, then it might very well be.