Facebook and Telegram in the Russian Federation can be enforced with fines of 43 and 12 million rubles.

Companies Facebook and Telegram until November can voluntarily pay off debts on fines imposed on them by the court for violation of Russian law, then these debts will be forcibly collected from them.

“Facebook must pay fines in the amount of 26 million rubles by September 29, and by October 19 – in the amount of 17 million rubles. Telegram must pay the amount of fines in the amount of 5 million rubles by October 24, and 7 million rubles by November 7,” she said. Interfax “press secretary of the Tagansky court of Moscow Zulfiya Gurinchuk, responding to the agency’s request.

She explained that if the companies do not voluntarily comply with the court’s decision, the materials regarding them will be sent to the bailiffs service for enforcement.

Earlier on Thursday, the court reported that in relation to Twitter, which has not paid a single fine since the beginning of the year, the bailiffs have already sent materials on the compulsory collection of 8.9 million rubles.

Since the beginning of the year, the total fines imposed on Facebook for violations of Russian legislation amounted to more than 80 million rubles, Twitter – about 60 million rubles, Telegram – about 40 million rubles. However, some decisions have been appealed and, therefore, are not binding on companies, since they can be canceled by the appeal instance.

According to a spokesman for the court, so far only Google and TikTok have voluntarily paid fines for the decisions that have come into force about judiwin66.

“Since the beginning of the year, TikTok has voluntarily paid a fine of 2.6 million rubles. Google has voluntarily paid a fine of 3.5 million rubles,” a court spokeswoman said, explaining that other decisions regarding the companies have not yet entered by virtue of.

Since February 11, Roskomnadzor has been drawing up administrative protocols in relation to various social networks that have not removed or untimely removed calls, including for minors to participate in unauthorized actions.

Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Google, TikTok and WhatsApp have been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for violation of Russian law since the beginning of the year.

The companies were found guilty of offenses under Part 2 and Part 4 of Art. 13.41 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (the owner of an information resource on the Internet does not delete information if the obligation to delete it is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation).

Also, a number of social networks were prosecuted for refusing to localize the data of Russian users on the territory of the Russian Federation.