Content publishing

If you manage to interest your audience with help eset key, give it really important and valuable information, then consider that you are on a horse – you can forget about official advertising on social networks and watch how the number of subscribers increases, how the size of the jackpot in online casinos.

How to understand what is really interesting to your subscribers?

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Clearly define the target audience
See where this audience lives, study the profiles of competitors
Study thematic sites and communities in social networks. The latter are just a storehouse of useful information, and specifically – discussions with questions and answers. Take any question you come across in your topic, for example, “How to calculate the number of tiles in a bathroom”, write a detailed post with the answer, and you are guaranteed to receive a positive response.
After working through these points, it’s time to draw up a content plan: draw a mind map with all types of publications that your subscribers may be interested in.